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lumpia with sauce
Lumpia with Sauce Place Order Now
This is the flagship food item of Lumpia Xpress. We have been making these for over 20 years and never seem to have enough.

Musubi with Special Sauce and Wasabi Place Order Now
Seasoned and cooked Spam over Sushi Rice and wrapped in Nori (edible seaweed). A food item that is very popular in Hawaii and rarely found in Idaho.

Pancit and Lime
Pancit and Lime Place Order Now
Thin and seasoned rice noodles with chicken and stir-fried vegetables. The flavor of Pancit is really enhanced when eaten with rice.

Yakisoba Place Order Now
Flavorful Yakisoba noodles and seasonings combine with chicken and veggies to make this wonderfully sweet and sassy dish.

Bubble Teas or Boba
Boba / Bubble Tea Order Above
Wonderful Boba / Bubble Tea drinks in several Asian Pacific flavors.

We serve Asian Pacific food at the Lumpia Xpress restaurant in Mountain Home Idaho. Enjoy freshly fried Lumpia (Egg Rolls), Pancit (Thin noodles, chicken and vegetables), Musubi (Seasoned Spam with Rice and Seaweed), Boba / Bubble Tea, our signature Coconut Rice Cakes, and various hot/cold drinks. In addition we have an Asian Pacific packaged foods section.